Big Trouble in Little Hedestad

In 2004, an author and journalist named Stieg Larsson would pass away at the young age of 50, but he wasn’t through with his career yet. In 2005, his will allowed the publication of three previously finished manuscripts of what would later be known as the Millennium series. Now I’ve read all three of the… Continue reading Big Trouble in Little Hedestad


Shane Black Comedy

Today’s little gem is a Robert Downey Jr. flick. If you wanna go by the director, his name is Shane Black. Ok, so the year is 2005, three years before Jon Favreau’s blockbuster Iron Man gets released into theaters, really kicking off Jr.’s career. Sure he had done some other movies like Weird Science or… Continue reading Shane Black Comedy

Breathing New Life Into Zombies

To start off my new past time, I think I'll begin with a television series. Now normally I'll review something that's old. Past its prime. Ancient, if you will. However, I just finished binge watching this as of late, and feel as if it requires some serious praise. While it's far from over (having finished… Continue reading Breathing New Life Into Zombies